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"My love for art is only shadowed by... love for life!"

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"Gator Done"
72"L x 18"h
High Relief Cedar Sculpture
Created from a single slice off an old cedar tree. Original wood had seven knots that became essential character traits in the finished sculpture.
This piece can be hung vertical or horizontal.
​Bare Essentials
52"L X 18"H (3" profile)
Acrylic on canvas

"Enchanted Moment"
30"w X 40"h
 ink on clay board 

Completely covered every inch
 of the surface, one dot at
 a time, using fine tip markers.

"I Dreamed I Had Butterfly Wings"
24"h X 24"w
acrylic on wood canvas finished edges
I woke in the middle of the night recently with a smile on my face and a whimsical feeling in my heart. My thoughts raced to the awareness that it was just a dream. Sorrow swept over me. As I lay there I tried desperately to remember ever moment of the dream. After a while I fell back to sleep.   As the new day broke and I started on my journey through it I couldn't get the image or the feeling of the dream out of my head. It soon became apparent to me that I would have to paint it.  This is when" I Dreamed I Had Butterfly Wings" came to life.

"Journey to the Sea"
36"w x 48"h
Oils on gallery canvas

"The Beauty of Wisdom"
24"w X 36"h
acrylic on gallery canvas

"First Light"
series "Atmospheric"
48"w x 36"h
acrylic on gallery canvas

"Transition Into Fall"
18"w X 24"h
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

6th in series "Atmospheric"
December 2012, Fly The Flag Texas and
2013 E. TX Artist & Garden Sculpture book

Encaustic Seascape
oils on canvas panel
$300 framed
Fire Flower
12" x 36" en-caustic oil on gallery canvas

Premier piece for the Red Show at the 
211 Gallery in Athens, TX

Honey Moon
20" x 16" en-caustic oil on gallery canvas

On Friday, June 13th, 2014 there was an amazing sight in the sky. One that they called the Honey Moon because of the remarkable color of the full moon as the sunset at just the right time. One that was so breath taking I vowed to paint it. This is the direct result of that beautiful evening. Combined with the timing of the date being Friday the 13th, this will not happen again for many years. Now it will happen every time someone looks at this painting.

Texas Law
40"w X 50"h acrylic on canvas

Texas is a state that has always stood strong and independent in their way of thinking. Rich with resources from the vast lands of ranches and crops, the oil soaked soil, the wealth of the cities and industries, to the vast uniqueness of the different arts.
Texas may have its own turbulences amongst politics, religion, destructive practises of fracking, and even the powerful storm entities that roll across with as much beauty as they have force. But make no mistake, trying to make the scales of equality tilt in even the slightest, Texas will stand their ground for what is right. The earth below the scales will open up revealing that hell itself will be waiting. 

Dancing Tree
24"h X 36"w acrylic on canvas

Hanging to the edge of the cliff, this tree has somehow survived for many years. Encountering all types of weather conditions, it still managed to thrive. Leaning and twisting its way through life forming the appearance of a dancing tree.

Sunset in Paradise
September 2014
16"w X 20"h, acrylic on canvas

Who doesn't enjoy a colorful sunset? I personally can not count how many times I have stared in amazement at them. Mezmerized by the beautiful colors and fading charm. To add it to be somewhere in paradise seem to be natural.

"Pillar of Life"
5ft 1.25" X 7.25" diameter
Sculpted cedar tree

Going with the Flow
Acrylic on canvas
3ft X 4ft

​An impending storm above the waters crest is brewing. Tossing waves and causing a torrent of currents below. The sea creatures, in this case golden colored Red Fish, do not mind. It is a chance to embrace the excitement and energy to enjoy the ride! 
My interpretation of life and it's ever changing events can always be challenging. "When everything goes right, it's a perfect day. But when things go wrong is when the adventure begins!" -> My quote, and the way I choose to live my life.

Reservations for Three

48" X 36" Acrylic on Canvas
Waiting patiently for his bud to show up,
an intruder approaches, he turns
and gives the look that is
 understood instantly. These two
poles are being saved. After all it is
a reservation for three.
I'm Still Here
36" X 48" Acrylic on canvas
​As the morning breaks slowly the creatures of the forest begin to awake. The two birds, with eyes barely open, look first for the other. Both saying with their glance, "I'm Still Here."

Lasting Impression
24" X 36" Acrylic & texture on canvas
Standing out these days can be difficult, such as a flower amongst hundreds of blooms in a garden at night. Making sure that you stand proud and look your best seems the best way to ensure you make a Lasting Impression.

Forty-two Trees

31.5" X 31.5 Acrylic on canvas

Accompanying poem, please see below.

The original is sold and there are 8 limited edition signed and numbered prints.